Top 10 Exam Cheating Gadgets for Students in 2023


As technology advances, new methods of cheating on exams are being developed. These Exam Cheating Gadgets have been causing concern among educators, who worry that they will give students an unfair advantage over those who do not have access to them. As students, we are all familiar with the feeling of stress that comes with exams.

It seems like no matter how much we study, we can never be sure that we will do well on test day. This pressure can sometimes lead to cheating, as students try to find any way possible to get ahead. With tools like Canvas, educators are working to create a fairer and more transparent testing environment for students. By providing a secure platform for exams, Canvas helps to eliminate the cheating and reduces the overall stress of test-taking.

Top 10 Exam Cheating Gadgets for Acing Your Exams

1. The COOMAX Mini Hidden Spy Earpiece

COOMAX Mini Hidden Spy Earpiece Cheating GadgetsThe COOMAX Mini Hidden Spy Earpiece is the best exam cheating gadget because it is discreet and easy to use. If you are using an Android phone or tablet, the earpiece should work with no problems.

If you are using an iPhone or other Apple product, you will need to use an adapter to connect the earpiece to your device with a standard 3.5 mm jack. With this earpiece, you can easily listen to your instructor and take notes without anyone knowing.

The earpiece is also comfortable to wear for long periods of time and won’t fall out. If you’re looking for a way to cheat on your exams, the COOMAX Mini Hidden Spy Earpiece is the best exam cheating gadget for you.


  1. It is affordable and can be purchased online.
  2. The battery life is long, and it can be used for multiple purposes.
  3. It is small and lightweight, so it can be hidden easily.


  1. There is a risk that the audio quality could be poor and you may not be able to hear the questions properly.

2. Ruby Text Messaging Calculator Exam Cheating Gadgets

Ruby Text Messaging Calculator Cheating GadgetThe ruby text messaging calculator is the best exam cheating gadget because it can send text messages to other students in the class to let them know what questions are going to be asked on the test.

The ruby text messaging calculator is a 300,000-word document. It is made up of 30 separate files that can be used to calculate the cost of sending text messages to different countries.


  1. It is accurate and reliable.
  2. It is affordable and available to everyone.
  3. It is user-friendly and easy to operate.


  1. It is not foolproof.

3. The Notepads, aka the Rolling Paper Pens

Rolling Paper Pens Exam Cheating GadgetsRolling paper pens are a new type of exam cheating gadget that allows students to write on and turn in their exams with ease. The pens have a small roller on the end that allows the student to roll their paper up and then write term paper on it like a normal pen.

Once they are finished, they can unroll the paper and turn it in. Rolling paper pens are a great way to cheat on exams without getting caught. They come in a variety of colors, you can match them to your exam paper so they blend in.

The Rolling paper pens are 1.0-mm point pens that are 6.8 * 18 cm and 2.68 * 7.08 inches long. They are made of plastic and have a metal clip. The link is found in different colors, and the pen has a medium point.


  1. Rolling paper pens are very effective at cheating on exams.
  2. The rolling paper pens are small and discreet, so they can be easily hidden in a pocket or backpack.


  1. The rolling paper pen can make a lot of noise, so it may not be discreet if you are trying to write answers quietly.

4. The Live Streaming WiFi Glasses Exam Cheating Gadget

Live Streaming WiFi Glasses Exam Cheating GadgetThe Live Streaming WiFi Glasses exam cheating gadget is a new invention that helps students cheat on their exams. The glasses have built-in 32 GB of memory, which can record for 90 minutes.

It Provides a stream live video of the exam room in a remote location, so the student can see what is going on in the room and get help if they need it. The Live Streaming WiFi Glasses have 100% UV400 protection with an FDA drop bell lens and can store up to 5 hours of video.

The Live Streaming WiFi Glasses exam cheating gadget is a new invention that helps students cheat on their exams. These glasses allow users to connect to the internet via an internal Wi-Fi connection and can be used to stream videos, access information and even secretly communicate with other students during an exam. 


  1. Install the app “Vizen Cam” on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Connect to the WiFi network of the smart glasses.
  3. Open the app “Vizen Cam” and start streaming.


  1. The glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  2. They provide a clear, HD view of the exam material.
  3. The audio quality is good, and the volume can be adjusted to suit your needs.


  1. They may not be as effective in low light settings.
  2. There is always a chance that the technology could malfunction or stop working during the exam.

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5. Scanmarkers, The Reading Pens

Scanmarkers, The Reading Pens Exam Cheating GadgetsThe scanmarkers are pens that have a built-in scanner. The student simply scans the answer sheet with the scanmarker pen, and the answers are automatically sent to a computer or other device.

This allows students to get answers faster and more easily than if they were to use a regular pen. Scanmarkers scan at a speed of 3000 characters per minute and translate over 40 languages. They are available for both Windows and Mac along with iOS and Android gadgets.


  1. Scanmarkers are easy and convenient to use, making them a quick and efficient way to cheat on exams.
  2. They are discreet, making them less likely to be noticed by instructors than other cheating methods.
  3. They are versatile, allowing users to scan both text and images.
  4. They are durable, meaning they can be used multiple times without breaking.


  1. Scanmarkers can be easily detected by instructors if used improperly, making them a less effective cheating method.
  2. They only scan text, meaning users cannot scan images with them.

6. Livescribe Echo Smart Pens Exam Cheating Gadget

Livescribe Echo Smart Pens Cheating GadgetLivescribe Echo Smart Pens have revolutionized the way students can cheat during exams. The pen has a special feature that allows you to record the lecture or conversation that is taking place and then play it back later so that you can take notes.

The Livescribe Echo Smart Pens recognizes up to 28 different languages, and notes and assignments can be shared and stored with the help of this gadget.

The standard battery life now is improved to 90 days. These innovative pens have the ability to capture and store information quickly and accurately in an organized manner.


  1. The pen has a built-in microphone that records audio as you write.
  2. The pen also has a built-in camera that takes photos of your notes.
  3. The pen can store up to 1000 pages of notes.


  1. The battery life is not as long as some people would like, so you might need to keep a charger handy.

7. UV Pens With Invisible Ink

UV Pens With Invisible Ink Exam Cheating GadgetsThis is an interesting UV pen with invisible ink that can be used to cheat on exams. This pen has a black light at the end that will make the invisible ink visible.

The black light at the end of the pen will make it easy for you to see the information that you have written in the invisible ink. There are a few different types of UV pens with invisible ink available on the market.

Some have blue ink that will vanish in 15-20 minutes, The shell material of the UV pen with invisible ink is plastic, with a metal texture.


  1. They are easy to use and can be hidden in your hand.
  2. The ink is invisible to the naked eye, so no one will know you’re cheating.
  3. They work well for both handwritten and typed exams.


  1. UV pens can be detected by special exam scanners.

8. The Touch Two Smart Hat

Touch Two Smart Hat Exam Cheating GadgetThe Touch Two Smart Hat is a regular hat that has been modified to include a small touch screen display and a built-in Bluetooth transmitter. Your Bluetooth-enabled Android and iOS tablets, Macbooks, smartphones, PCs, and laptops are all compatible with it.

The touch screen display is used to show the questions on the exam, and the Bluetooth transmitter is used to transmit the answers to a nearby Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a smartphone or laptop. 

The Touch Two Smart Hat is a high-quality knit beanie that comes with embedded Bluetooth V-5.0 technology and a built-in rechargeable battery. This allows the user to wirelessly stream music for up to 18 hours. The Smart Hat also features a snug, comfortable fit and easy access to all controls.


  1. The Touch Two Smart Hat is easy to use and fast.
  2. It is discreet.
  3. It is accurate and reliable.


  1. It is expensive and not available to everyone.

9. The Smart Watch Exam Cheating Gadget

Smart Watch Exam Cheating GadgetsThe smart watch has a small screen that displays the questions and answers for the exam. The watch also has a built-in calculator that can be used to solve math problems. The watch can be worn on the wrist or placed in a pocket.

The smartwatch is available for purchase online and at select retailers. The suggested retail price for the watch is $99.99. The Cheating Watch comes with a one-year warranty. Smartwatches have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and ease of use.

With an array of features such as fitness tracking, messaging, media playback, and more. The Cheating Watch is a battery powered watch that will last for about 12 hours once it is fully charged. 


  1. It is a time saving device that can help you complete exams quickly.
  2. The Cheating Watch is a reliable tool that can help you ace your exams.
  3. It is a non-invasive way to cheat on exams that do not require any special tools or equipment.


  1. The Cheating Watch is a relatively new product, and there may be some glitches that need to be fixed.

10. RXO Vintage Watch Exam Cheating Gadgets

RXO Vintage Watch Cheating GadgetThe product is a small device that is worn on the wrist and connects to the internet. It allows students to get answers to questions online and see what the correct answers are. It was created by a company called Cheating Solutions.

The company says that the watch will help students who are struggling in school and that it is not meant to be used for cheating. The RXO Vintage Watch is a timepiece that is both stylish and sophisticated. It has a simple, yet elegant design that will complement any outfit.

The watch is made of high-quality materials, and it is precision-crafted to ensure accuracy and reliability. It also features a scratch-resistant crystal face to keep it looking new for years to come.


  1. The gadget is very discreet and easy to use.
  2. It is a great way to get a leg up on the competition without having to cheat in other ways.
  3. It can help you improve your grades and get the results you need.


  1. It may not be allowed in all schools or testing environments.

Conclusion: Exam Cheating Gadgets 

In the past, students would sneak notes into their exams or try to memorize answers before the test. Today, there are much more sophisticated ways to cheat. Cheating is nothing new, but the tools used to do it are always changing. In this blog post, we’ve looked at some of the latest cheating gadgets that students are using to get ahead in their exams.

I personally prefer the two gadgets to be used in exam cheating. The first is Livescribe Echo Smart Pens, and the second is a smartwatch. It’s important for educators and parents to be aware of these tools so they can take steps to prevent cheating in their schools and classrooms.

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