How Examity Detects Cheating? Rules And Requirements

Examity Detects Cheating

Examity is a proctoring service that allows instructors to remotely monitor students during exams. Students can take exams from any location with a webcam and internet connection. Examity verifies the identity of students and monitors them for cheating during the exam. Instructors receive an immediate notification if any suspicious activity is detected.

Examity also provides detailed analytics to help instructors understand the performance of their students. With Examity, instructors can be assured that the integrity of their exams is maintained and that their students are getting the most out of their testing experience.

Examity helps create a safe and secure environment for online proctored testing and can help improve the learning outcomes of students. With Examity, instructors can feel more secure in their online testing experiences and give their students the best possible experience. 

Does Examity Detect Cheating?

Yes, Examity does detect cheating. It is a leading online proctoring platform that uses advanced technologies to ensure test integrity. Through its AI-driven monitoring, Examity looks for suspicious behaviors and monitors audio/video to flag any potential issues.

It flags any suspicious activity or attempts of cheating like collusion, inappropriate behavior, using unauthorized resources, and many more. Examity also offers a full range of services to secure exams, such as locking down the browser, blocking access to other tabs, and using facial recognition software.

What is Examity?

Examity is an online proctoring and exam delivery service. It provides a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use platform for online assessments. This helps to ensure the integrity of the examination process while providing students with a more convenient way to complete their exams.

Does Examity Know If You Cheat?

No, Examity does not know if you cheat. Examity’s system is designed so that we do not have access to your computer. The only time Examity can see your screen is during the live exam, which is proctored by a certified Proctor. Examity does not use facial recognition technology or any other type of AI to monitor students during an exam.

How Does Examity Check For Cheating?

How Does Examity Check For Cheating

Examity is a proctoring service that uses various methods to prevent cheating during exams. These methods include but are not limited to:

1. Monitoring the student’s webcam and microphone

2. Testing the student’s computer for prohibited software

3. Checking the student’s internet history for cheating websites

4. Scanning the student’s identification

Does Examity Track Eye Movement?

Yes, Examity tracks eye movement. Examity tracks the following:

1. How many times a student moves away from the screen

2. The duration of time spent off-screen

3. Any patterns in off-screen behavior (e.g., frequently looking away during a certain section of the exam)

Can Examity See Your Search History?

Yes, Examity can see my search history. Examity does not save your search history after you leave the site. If you log in again, your search history will be reset. You can also clear your Examity search history at any time by clicking on the “Clear History” button in the top right corner of the screen.

Can Examity See Your Screen During the Test?

Yes, Examity can see your screen during the test. They are only looking for unusual activity that could indicate cheating. For example, if you attempt to open a new browser window during the test, this will trigger a notification to your proctor.

Does Examity Record Your Screen?

Yes, Examity records your screen. But Examity also gives you the ability to make changes to your proctoring session if necessary. For example, if you need to step away from your computer for a moment or two, you can put your session on hold. You’ll be able to pick up right where you left off when you return.

Can Examity See What Websites I Am On?

Yes, Examity can see what websites you are on. They can also see what you type. This is why it’s important to be very careful about what you do and say while you’re taking your online proctored exam. You don’t want to give away any clues that could help someone else answer the questions for you.

If You Take an Exam With Examity Can They See What’s on Your Computer?

Yes, Examity can see what is on your computer screen while you are taking an exam. Our proctors are able to see your entire screen and will be monitoring you throughout the exam. If they see anything that appears to be cheating, they will report it to the exam provider.

What Are The System Requirements For Examity?

What Are The System Requirements For Examity

Examity is a webcam-based proctoring system that requires:

1. A computer with a webcam.

2. Internet access.

3. A microphone.

4. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 or later installed on your computer.

5. Adobe Flash Player 10 or later installed on your computer.

6. A quiet place to take the exam with no distractions.

7. The ability to disable pop-up blockers in your web browser.

8. The ability to disable any software that could interfere with the exam-taking process, such as screen sharing and chat programs.

9. The ability to print the exam instructions and blank answer sheets before you begin the exam.

10. The latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari browser.

What Are Examity Cheating Policies?

Examity has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating. Any student caught cheating will be automatically banned from using the service, will be removed from the examination, and may be subject to other disciplinary action.

What Are the Examity Rules a Student Must Abide by?

The Examity rules for students are:

1. You must have a reliable internet connection.

2. You must have a webcam and microphone.

3. You must be in a quiet environment.

4. You must be prepared for your exam.

5. You must show your entire exam screen to the proctor.

6. You must not have any notes or books during the exam.

7. You must not communicate with anyone during the exam.

8. You must not leave the exam room during the exam.

9. You must not use any unauthorized materials during the exam

Can I go to the bathroom while using Examity?

Yes, you can go to the bathroom while using Examity. You will need to sign out of your exam and then sign back in when you are finished. Please note that you will need to request permission from your proctor before leaving the exam room.

Examity Test Arrangement and Examity Cheating Tips

In this section, we will provide you with some tips on how to avoid being caught cheating on your Examity tests.

Examity Test Arrangement and Examity Cheating Tips

1. Be aware of the exam environment

One of the easiest ways to get caught cheating on an Examity test is to be unaware of your surroundings. Make sure to pay close attention to the webcam and microphone placements in the room, and avoid any suspicious movements.

2. Avoid using cheat sheets

Although it can be tempting to use cheat sheets during a test, it is best to avoid doing so as they can easily be detected by the Examity proctoring system. If you do need to use a cheat sheet, try to keep it hidden from view and make sure not to refer to it too often.

3. Don’t share answers with others

If you are taking a test with others, make sure not to share any answers with them as this can also lead to suspicion. It is better to each work on the test separately and compares answers afterward.

4. Be careful about internet usage

While taking an Examity test, be careful about any internet usage as this can also lead to suspicion. Try not to visit any websites or open any files that are not related to the test. If you need to use the internet for research, make sure to do so in a way that will not be detectable by the proctoring system.

5. Follow the instructions

Throughout the exam, make sure to follow all of the instructions given by the Examity proctor. If you are unsure about anything, feel free to ask for clarification.

How To Hack Examity?

It is possible to hack Examity and score top-tier grades, but it takes a bit of effort. Here are the steps you need to take in order to succeed:

1. Download the Examity hacking tool from our website.

2. Open the tool and enter your Examity login credentials.

3. Select the exam you want to hack and click “Hack!”

4. You will now have access to the exam content and can score top marks.

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How To Cheat On Examity?

If you’re looking to cheat on Examity, one option is to use a proxy. A proxy is a server that sits between your computer and the Examity server and can be used to hide your IP address. This can be helpful if you’re trying to avoid getting caught cheating.

Cheat on Examity is to use a tool called a VPN. A VPN is software that allows you to connect to a remote server, and then surf the internet as if you were in that location. This can be useful if you’re trying to access websites or services that are blocked in your country.


Cheating has been a problem for as long as exams have existed, but now there’s a solution: Examity. Our cutting-edge software detects cheating in real-time, so you can be sure that everyone is playing fair. If you’re a student, this means you can focus on learning the material and preparing for your exams without worrying about people who are trying to cheat their way to success. And if you’re a teacher, it means you can give tests with confidence knowing that Examity will catch anyone who tries to cheat.

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